SecurityMatters is now part of Forescout
SecurityMatters is now part of 

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One Goal: Industrial Cyber Resilience

Being cyber resilient means being able to quickly identify and recover from threats to operational continuity

Threats to operational continuity are not limited to cyber attacks. In fact, experience shows that more than 90% of cyber threats originate inside an industrial environment. SecurityMatters’ solutions are the only solutions that bring value beyond cyber security, and benefit every aspect of your business.

Silent Defense
silent defense

SecurityMatters’ flagship product, SilentDefense, enables cyber resilient industrial environments by ensuring the underlying network is healthy and threat-free at all times.

SilentDefense provides instant OT network and process visibility, and reports internal and external cyber threats in a clear and actionable way. As a result, operators can easily identify the source of a threat and take quick responsive action.

Over several years SilentDefense has proven successful in all major industries across our global customer base.

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Our Partners

Partnering with SecurityMatters delivers the most advanced and mature OT network monitoring solution available on the market to your customers. Providing this state of the art technology not only benefits your customers with a cyber resilient industrial environment, but also ensures their satisfaction and customer loyalty.