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SecurityMatters’ mission is to provide our customers with best-of-class industrial cyber resilience technology.

SecurityMatters provides a passive automated network monitoring solution for industrial environments empowering asset owners to identify, react, and respond to industrial threats and flaws.

About Us

Damiano Bolzoni, Sandro Etalle and Emmanuele Zambon, the founders of SecurityMatters, started tackling the industrial cyber security problem back in 2008. Together they developed a solution to address the domain-specific threats and needs, and in 2009 they founded SecurityMatters to bring this solution - SilentDefense - to the market. Over the following years, the tireless diligence and tight collaboration with critical infrastructure operators allowed SilentDefense to grow and be refined into the market leading solution it is today.

The unique knowledge and expertise of SecurityMatters were recognized by Gartner in 2014, when SecurityMatters became the first company ever nominated as a Cool Vendor for technology and service providers in the OT market.

Today, SecurityMatters provides critical infrastructure and industrial automation companies with best-of-class industrial cyber resilience technology that enables quick identification and recovery from threats to operational continuity. SecurityMatters has a global customer base, with partners and customers in all critical industries. These partners and customers include large multinational and defense companies, who provide a wide range of services from consultancy, systems integration and managed security services based on SecurityMatters’ products.

SecurityMatters has achieved great success so far and is always looking to the future. Based on continuous research and development, innovation and dedication to excellence we continue to strive and lead the way in industrial cyber resilience.

  • ethical

    We are committed to being open, honest, accountable and responsible in all our dealings.

  • customer focused

    We focus on the real customer benefit. We do not sell unless the customer has a real need.

  • innovative

    We deliver solutions based on highly innovative, game-changing technology. We think outside the box.

  • competent

    We continuously and proactively improve our skills and domain knowledge.


SecurityMatters is led by a team of dedicated and passionate professionals who share the same vision and dedication to industrial cyber resilience. The entire company works as one unit, and with strong leadership SecurityMatters continues to grow and improve not only its product and reputation, but also the individuals that make up its team.

  • damiano-web.jpg

    Damiano Bolzoni

    Chief Executive Officer
  • sandro etalle

    Sandro Etalle

  • emmanuele zambon

    Emmanuele Zambon

    Chief Technology Officer
  • Cliff Gregory

    Cliff Gregory

    Chief Executive Officer USA
  • Massimo Guadagnoli

    Massimo Guadagnoli

    Head of Development


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    SecurityMatters Americas Inc.

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  • Europe

    SecurityMatters B.V.

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