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SecurityMatters is now part of 

SilentDefense Delivers In-Depth OT/ICS Device Visibility with Forescout 8.1

by Brandon Workentin

With the recent launch of the  Forescout 8.1 Platform, users can now benefit from an even deeper integration of SilentDefense with the entire family of Forescout products. This deeper integration extends the industry-leading device visibility, classification and profiling capabilities of the Forescout platform far deeper into OT/ICS environments.  Every Forescout customer now has the option to passively establish a complete asset inventory and network baseline of normal communications, empowering them with insight into what assets are on their OT/ICS networks.

BAS Research Report: The Current State of Smart Building Cybersecurity

by Dr. Daniel dos Santos

The buildings that we live and work in are getting smarter and more connected. As we speak, the scenes we have only watched in sci-fi movies are becoming a reality, beginning with our homes and offices transforming into “smart buildings”. Only a few years ago, buildings offered very basic services. They had a central building management system (BMS) and one or two sub-systems, isolated from each other, typically used to control heating and air conditioning, the elevator or lighting systems. The control implemented by the BMS included simply switching the right equipment on or off at the right time of the day or year.

It’s a Wrap! Securing Critical Assets in a Converged IT/OT World Finishes in Style

by Tiziana Fazio

A few days ago, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, the Forescout team hosted information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) cybersecurity professionals at an exclusive event dedicated to empowering critical infrastructure organizations to secure their assets in a converged IT/OT world. This dynamic event brought together top cybersecurity teams from the Benelux region.

NERC CIP-005-5: Complying with the Electronic Security Perimeter Requirements

by Brandon Workentin

A key driver of the NERC CIP regulations is to ensure that computer system networks that are vital to the operation of the Bulk Electric System (BES) have a sufficient level of protection, commensurate to their importance to a functioning society. One of the main ways the NERC CIP regulations do this is through mandating that organizations focus on the perimeter defenses of their computer networks. This is important enough to the NERC CIP standards that CIP-005-5 itself is titled, and focused exclusively on, “Electronic Security Perimeters.”[1]

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