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Anecdotes from an ICS Engineer: The Hidden Challenges and Costs of IP Address Management

by Rob Hulsebos

IP address management may seem like a trivial routine task, but it hides numerous challenges and is extremely error prone. Having unique IP addresses for all devices on a network is fundamental for the correct operation of almost all network protocols. If an incorrect or the same IP address is assigned to multiple devices on a network, it is no longer possible to guarantee their correct functioning and response, leading to faults in the network and process. A report by Incognito Software, quoting some research carried out by Forrester and Enterprise Strategy Group, indicates that, on average, 15% of downtime in enterprise is caused by networking problems and that manual IP address management causes 80% of overhead to network professionals.

Best Practices for a Cyber Resilient OT Network

by Erin Anderson

An engineer’s guide on how to minimize downtime and maximize management’s happiness.

Every engineer involved with Operational Technology (OT) networks understands the importance of maintaining a well-functioning, efficient network. With the advent of traditional IT technologies in the industrial world, however, OT networks and systems have been exposed to a growing number of networking, operational and cyber security threats. Industrial operators are struggling to implement countermeasures to maintain healthy and secure utility and plant networks and to define strategies to mitigate current and emerging threats. Although the objective is clear and simple, it’s often not equally clear how a network can be kept healthy and secure.

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