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Working Towards a More Secure Future for Building Automation Systems (BAS)

by Elisa Costante

Having worked in the cybersecurity industry for more than 8 years, two of which have been dedicated to analyzing building automation security, I am always intrigued to learn about new tactics and threat vectors that hackers use to gain access, particularly as physical systems are increasingly coming online. 

Defending ICS Networks Against Cyber Attacks with Better Log Correlation

by Harry Thomas

Every attack leaves a trail behind, and these trails are used by those of us on the Blue Team to discover the threat actors. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to extract network-based indicators because of the complex and distributed nature of an organization's ICS network.

SilentDefense and the ForeScout Platform: Cybersecurity for Converging IT/OT Requirements

by Erin Anderson

Today’s cyber threats are ever-changing and evolving. Over the last decade, we have seen malware begin to target non-enterprise devices and industrial control systems (ICS) at an alarming pace.  However, most critical infrastructure and ICS asset owners are ill-equipped for this changing cyber threat landscape.

Connected Cars: The New Automotive Cyber Security Threat

by Alexios Lekidis

Over the last decade, the automotive industry has undergone a massive technological transformation in connectivity and personal mobility. Modern cars are becoming more like computers than mechanical artifacts.

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