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Unprecedented ICS Visibility and Control for a Proactive Cybersecurity Strategy

by Luca Barba

SilentDefense™ 3.13 is here. What does this mean for you? Well, at SecurityMatters, we think it will change the game for cybersecurity stakeholders on the plant floor, in the field or managing security operations centers (SOCs). Here’s why.

How to Gain Value and Reduce Risk in Oil & Gas ICS Networks

by Luca Barba

The oil and gas industry hasn’t been quick to embrace digitalization and IT-OT network convergence. That’s not surprising, given the complexity, dispersed nature and critical societal importance of their infrastructures. With a context like that, who wants to open up networks without carefully considering the risks? 

However, as pressure on margins grows in this competitive industry, oil and gas businesses need to extract more value from existing ICS assets. To achieve this, they have started to embrace the opportunities that IT-OT convergence can deliver.

The Secret to Stress-Free IT-OT Convergence

by Luca Barba

Today, every business with a mission-critical ICS network is trying to leverage the potential advantages of closer integration between IT and OT systems. However, this integration results in complexity and a lack of visibility into all the new assets that are being connected. In fact, industry estimates suggest around 70% of organizations don’t have complete visibility into their ICS networks.

If you can’t see something, you can’t maintain it, detect threats to it, or effectively control your response to those threats. This lack of insight is one of the reasons why 79% of SCADA/ICS organizations have experienced a security breach in the last 24 months, the costs of which often range from $30,000 to $1.3 million per hour, depending on the industry. Ouch.  

Unmatched ICS Network Visibility, Compliance & Control with ICS Patrol™

by Tom Nuth

SecurityMatters’ ICS Patrol™ advances operational management and cyber security for critical infrastructure by providing unprecedented asset visibility for enterprise-grade deployments.

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