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SilentDefense & Splunk: Integrated ICS Cyber Resilience

by Harry Thomas

At SecurityMatters, we are continuously working to increase the integration of our flagship product, SilentDefense, within the IT and OT ecosystem. A fragmented approach using point solutions creates complexity down the road, but an integrated approach brings simplicity and improves the response capability to cyber incidents. For these reasons, we have built the SilentDefense Splunk Application, which is now available for Splunk users in Version 7.

Malware Keynotes: 4 ICS Cyber Security Lessons Learned from 2017

by Harry Thomas

It’s amazing that 2017 has come and gone so quickly. While 2018 is still fresh, I took some time to reflect on a few critical pieces of malware that impacted industrial organizations in 2017. I feel that these attacks were really significant from the perspective of an ICS Security Engineer, each one reminding us of something relevant.

Anecdotes from an ICS Engineer: Why Network Monitoring Makes Your Life Better

by Rob Hulsebos

In more than two decades working with industrial networks - as a software engineer building them, as a system engineer integrating new machines into production lines, and as a network engineer troubleshooting and fixing them - it often surprises me how often asset owners do not have the faintest idea about what is going on in their networks. Very often all seems to run fine…until some problem occurs, requiring immediate intervention to prevent downtime or a faulty product batch. I used to arrive at a site, and my first question would be: “Has something been changed in the network lately?”, mostly receiving “Nothing that I know of!” as the answer.

A Founder’s Perspective on the S4 ICS Detection Challenge

by Damiano Bolzoni

The first ICS Detection Challenge took place last week in Miami during the world-renowned S4 event, attracting more than 400 ICS cybersecurity researchers and practitioners. When we heard about this opportunity at SecurityMatters, we signed up within a few hours. We were eager to benchmark ourselves against other industry leaders and showcase our capabilities during the first-ever public test for ICS cybersecurity products. We are very grateful to Dale Peterson, Eric Byres, Ron Brash and John Cusimano for the countless hours they put into this!

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