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published on March 4, 2019

SilentDefense Delivers In-Depth OT/ICS Device Visibility with Forescout 8.1

With the recent launch of the  Forescout 8.1 Platform, users can now benefit from an even deeper integration of SilentDefense with the entire family of Forescout products. This deeper integration extends the industry-leading device visibility, classification and profiling capabilities of the Forescout platform far deeper into OT/ICS environments.  Every Forescout customer now has the option to passively establish a complete asset inventory and network baseline of normal communications, empowering them with insight into what assets are on their OT/ICS networks.

Customers also have the option to expand their device visibility and threat detection capabilities even further by purchasing a premium OT license, giving them detailed graphical asset maps, real-time network analytics, patented anomaly detection, proactive threat hunting capabilities and access to a flexible scripting engine and the rich industrial threat library (ITL).

Forescout 8.1 is the first enterprise-ready solution that allows an organization to monitor, and secure, their entire extended enterprise, including the cloud, campus, data center, and OT networks.

The SilentDefense product continues to lead the industry in providing device visibility, classification, and profiling capabilities for OT/ICS environments. With patented deep packet inspection (DPI) anomaly detection technology and a library of over 1,600 ICS-specific threat indicators, it deploys in a matter of hours by connecting to the SPAN/mirroring port of a network switch to passively establish a complete asset inventory and network baseline of normal communications. Asset information and alerts about potential threats are delivered to a central management platform in real time, enabling effective operational and cyber risk management from a single screen.

In addition to the native integration and fusion of SilentDefense into the Forescout platform, our team is also fully committed to expanding the capabilities of SilentDefense, and we are leading the industry in research and development for building automation systems (BAS) monitoring, providing device visibility and control for the connected business with unparalleled capabilities for BAS monitoring and security. This is highlighted by Dr. Elisa Costante’s and her team’s groundbreaking BAS vulnerability and malware research. Our team used the findings from this proof-of-concept malware to improve and extend SilentDefense’s BAS monitoring capabilities. Our development team is now working on exciting new features for our next release that will streamline enterprise deployments, enhance the overall user experience and improve SOC operations.

The Forescout 8.1 Platform helps to provide both current and future customers with immediate ROI, as the advanced features of SilentDefense allow organizations to not only identify IP-connected devices the instant they connect to the network, but also to identify threats to their OT/ICS networks.

For more information on SilentDefense and how it delivers in-depth device visibility and cyber resilience for OT/ICS networks in Forescout 8.1, visit our new product page or read the solution brief.


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