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Great things happen when great minds work together. Working at SecurityMatters means becoming part of a growing force that is gaining momentum every day. Our work culture and motivation to succeed ensures that you get every chance to reach your full potential. We have a unique culture within our company, one that embraces each other for who they are, that encourages different thinking, and one that throws the 9-5 working day out the window.  

  • Protection

    Our work protects the lives of hundreds of millions of people worldwide

  • Leadership

    We are recognized as a leading ICS security company

  • Innovation

    Our global reputation is built on forward thinking and academic research

  • Diversity

    We come from a range of backgrounds and 25% of our team is female

Who we are


SecurityMatters is a melting pot of different cultures, backgrounds and expertise. We are pioneers, expats, geeks and perfectionists. We thrive on what makes each of us different, as that’s what unites us. 

We all share a passion for innovation in technology, and this drives us to become the best we can be. By combining our skills we have created an environment that reflects professionalism, ingenuity, forward thinking and teamwork.

What makes us unique


There are a lot of tech companies out there, but none quite like ours. We pride ourselves on our unique identity in both solutions and colleagues.

Here, we are not numbers or strange faces, we are a collective of like-minded individuals; individuals who share a common goal in creating excellence in our industry, individuals that challenge the meaning of extraordinary.

A team that makes a difference.

How you make us better


We never say no to becoming better. Our industry is always providing new challenges, which means we are always growing in knowledge and skill. Therefore, our team needs to grow too.

With new talent on board, the only way is up. That’s where you come in; with your desire to prove to yourself that you can be the best, to contribute to making the world more secure, you can help us make a difference.

  • Established 2009

    We are pioneers in this industry, leading the way since we were founded in 2009

  • Academic Foundation

    Brain power is in our DNA, as our work is based on high level academic research

  • Seeing double

    We have grown rapidly, and are projected to keep expanding quickly in the coming future

  • 19 Nationalities

    A melting pot of nationalities and cultures keeps our work place interesting everyday

Office locations
Eindhoven - The Netherlands

SecurityMatters is situated on the campus of the University of Technology Eindhoven. Eindhoven is a dynamic, international city in the south of the Netherlands, well known for its technology and innovation. According to Dispatches Europe, Eindhoven is the No. 1 best city in Europe for Expats!

Nashua, NH - USA

Our US headquarters is based in New Hampshire. Although most of our staff work remotely and are spread across the entire country, they are well supported and connected and frequently meet at many trainings and events.