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SecurityMatters Boosts ICS Security through New Integration with Cisco's pxGrid

The new integration between SilentDefense and Cisco’s pxGrid is improving cybersecurity for ICS asset owners and making their lives easier, too.

In today’s complex and converged ICS networks, asset owners must be able to detect and respond rapidly when a cyber threat surfaces on their network to avoid potential downtime. To do this, critical infrastructure organizations need integrated ICS security solutions to effectively address the evolving needs of ICS, reduce management workloads, and fully leverage investments in their existing infrastructure. For this reason, one of the cornerstones of SilentDefense development has always been seamless integration across an organization’s entire enterprise ecosystem, including security information and event management solutions, IT asset management systems, and most firewall applications.

Today, the partnership between Cisco Systems and SecurityMatters connects the Silent Defense real-time asset inventory and protection capabilities with Cisco ISE through pxGrid. This will dramatically increase network contextual awareness and threat response capabilities witRapid Threat Containment on ICS Networks because of the increased visibility guaranteed by SilentDefense.

Cisco pxGrid allows partners such as SecurityMatters to integrate and share realtime information on a common exchange platform to address any security threats in an integrated way. SecurityMatters' SilentDefense empowers asset owners with the ability to identify assets, analyze and rapidly respond to threats and flaws in their ICS networks. Customers can fully leverage these capabilities combining them easily with other leading-edge technologies that are part of the Cisco pxGrid ecosystem and optimizing their  investments in Cisco infrastructure.

SecurityMatters’ SilentDefense integration with Cisco’s pxGrid works in 5 steps:

  1. SecurityMatters’ SilentDefense automatically detects ICS endpoints.
  2. It collects critical information such as manufacturer, model, serial number, part/type, firmware/hardware version, vulnerabilities and Purdue level.
  3. This information is then pushed to ISE through Cisco’s pxGrid.
  4. Cisco ISE provides efficient ICS endpoint management through definition and enforcement of specifically designed network policies for identities and authentication, based on organizational security requirements.
  5. The analyst interacts with a familiar HMI and toolset for:
  • IT/OT Asset Inventory
  • Policies & Regulations Compliance
  • Network Segmentation
  • Threat Containment


Benefits for our joint customers include:

  • Unprecedented visibility into industrial assets and data flows in their industrial control system networks
  • Automated, real-time response to mitigate potentially disruptive events witRapid Threat Containment
  • An all-in-one compliance, network segmentation and threat containment solution fully aligned with enterprise policies defined at the corporate level


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