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SecurityMatters is now part of 

Introducing Unified IT-OT Cybersecurity Solutions for All Critical Industries at CCI Event in Spain

Forescout is proud to join the industrial cybersecurity event “La Voz de la Industria Valenciana” taking place on April 4th in Valencia, Spain.

Organized by the Industrial Cybersecurity Center (Centro de Ciberseguridad Industrial - CCI), the event will go through the preliminary results of the first study on the state of cybersecurity in Valencia’s industry.

Forescout will showcase how SilentDefense boosts the cyber resilience of critical infrastructure, presenting several successful case studies from different verticals.

The presentation, scheduled for early morning, will introduce and analyze the concept of industrial cyber resilience, visibility and control of devices in industrial networks and explain why threats to operational continuity are not limited to cyber-attacks.

“Experience shows that more than 90% of cyber threats originate inside an industrial environment. Forescout’s solutions are the only solutions that bring value beyond cyber security with unified device visibility and control for IT and OT environments,” said Enrique Martin, Systems Engineer at Forescout.

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