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SecurityMatters is now part of 

SANS ICS Security Summit March 18-19, 2019

USA – Orlando, FL

Date: March 18-19

Event website: SANS ICS Security Summit Website

"The annual ICS Security Summit brings together in-the-field practitioners and leading experts to share ideas, methods, and techniques for defending control systems.”

Speaking Sessions

Monday, March 18th at 12 PM Brian Proctor, Director of Strategic Accounts, and Chris Triolo of Respond Software, will host a Lunch & Learn presentation on our new VITAL integration.

Introducing a “VITAL” New Concept for ICS Cybersecurity Programs
Finding and scaling a team of skilled ICS security operations center analysts, threat hunters, incident responders, and forensic analysts is a challenge for all asset owners. This, combined with the fact that so much of ICS security teams’ time is consumed by low confidence and contextual alerts, makes it incredibly challenging to focus on priority issues. At the 2019 SANS ICS Security Summit, we will introduce a new concept called “VITAL”, or Virtual ICS Threat Analyst Logic. This concept combines the automation of threat analyst decision making processes with rich ICS analytics data to accurately escalate and prioritize critical incidents, while eliminating false positive alerts.

We will discuss how leading ICS asset owners are already implementing this new concept and showcase how it can be applied using sample data taken from ICS capture the flag events around the country. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of this new concept, its benefits and how they can apply it to their own environments.

Tuesday, March 19th at 1:45 PM Brian Proctor will speak on the main stage with Nathan Wallace of Cybirical, where they will assess various ICS risk management approaches and how asset owners can integrate them into their operations.

ICS Risk Management Approaches: Vulnerability versus Threat versus Engineering, and What Works Best for You
There are a variety of different approaches, methods, and opinions as to how to best defend against industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity threats. Some of the more popular approaches in the industry focus on vulnerabilities, threats, and engineering. This talk will walk through each of these approaches – that is, where they make sense, where things break down, and how asset owners can apply the approaches in their daily duties. Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of how these approaches can be best combined to strengthen their ICS program given the resource constraints (time, money, resources) faced by most asset owners.


Threat Hunting Challenge

Want to put your ICS network analysis skills to the test? Attempt our "Threat Hunting Challenge" during the vendor expo [1]. Be the first to successfully identify all exploits in the selected PCAPs using SilentDefense to take home our coveted challenge coin!

Read more about last year’s challenge at the SANS ICS Summit here.

The Expo

Forescout will be giving interactive demos of our OT device visibility and control solution, SilentDefense. Connect with us during the vendor expo to see how our solution provides real-time, accurate asset inventory and comprehensive risk management for ICS networks. Drop a business card in our bowl while you're there for the chance to win an Oculus Go!

[1] Conference vendors may not participate in the challenge.