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SecurityMatters is now part of 

Webinar - “3 Metrics That Matter: Achieving Rapid ROI With ICS Cybersecurity” December 6, 2018


Date: December 6 @ 1:00 PM (EST)

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Join Tom Nuth of SecurityMatters, now a part of ForeScout, and Danielle Van Zandt, Security Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, on December 6 at 1:00 PM (EST) for the webinar, “3 Metrics That Matter: Achieving Rapid ROI with ICS Cybersecurity”.

This webinar will highlight how our acquisition by ForeScout provides the industry’s first, and only, end-to-end agentless device visibility and control platform across the extended enterprise and enables deeper visibility into OT networks to help mitigate threats targeting industrial environments.The convergence of IT and OT systems over the last decade has created the need for complete visibility into ICS networks. Enabling industrial operators to detect, analyze and rapidly respond to evolving cybersecurity threats is now a requirement for all critical infrastructure ICS environments. 

To achieve these goals, many organizations are investing heavily in ICS cybersecurity solutions. However, the challenge that many asset owners are facing today is finding a way to prove immediate ROI of these new ICS cybersecurity investments. 

We will introduce some important features to look for when selecting an ICS cybersecurity solution that will not only improve your cybersecurity posture, but also offer operational business value and rapid return on your investment. 

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About the Hosts:

Tom Nuth joined SecurityMatters in 2018. He has built his career in IT networking and cybersecurity, serving verticals such as energy, manufacturing, pharma, aerospace and even banking. Having worked across three continents with some of the world’s largest manufacturing and energy companies to connect industrial systems with enterprise infrastructure, Tom has become an expert in industrial networking and cybersecurity solutions. His extensive experience with critical infrastructure organizations, where ICS cybersecurity is of paramount importance, makes him uniquely qualified to evaluate and recommend connectivity and security solutions.

Danielle VanZandt heads the global Security Research program for Frost & Sullivan, exploring areas such as physical security and surveillance, cybersecurity practices, and identity security. She also focuses on public sector security practices, industry data protection and security regulations, Safe City implementations, and advanced data security practices.