product features

Asset inventory and network map
Visual network analytics
Network and protocols whitelists
Industry-specific threat detection
  • Obtain full knowledge and awareness of your network through SilentDefense’s automatic asset inventory and device fingerprinting features.
  • Browse through the interactive network map to understand device behavior, threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Filter and export the information for reporting and backup.
  • Monitor real-time network flows and industrial protocol operations through SilentDefense’s numerous graphs and widgets.
  • Customize and filter your views to analyze device behavior.
  • Investigate historical data to perform visual forensic analysis.
  • Learn and validate network communication patterns and process operations with the most in-depth analysis of industrial protocols (DPBI™ patented technology).
  • Identify rogue and malfunctioning devices, intrusions and attacks.
  • Detect undesired configuration changes before they can affect the process.
  • Benefit from the knowledge and experience gained by SecurityMatters and integrated into SilentDefense’s Industrial Threat Library, to detect a wide variety of industry-specific threats.
  • Extend SilentDefense’s built-in detection capabilities by defining custom checks for your industrial environment.

product deployment and operation

  • Deployment

    SilentDefense can be deployed in a matter of hours, producing immediate results. It is connected to the SPAN/mirroring port of network switches or by using network tap technology. Thanks to its fully passive nature, SilentDefense monitors real-time network traffic without any interference or impact on the monitored environment. 

  • Integration

    SilentDefense can be deployed as a standalone solution, but can also natively interface with third-party systems such as all major SIEM solutions, authentication servers and industrial firewalls. Its scalable architecture allows it to simultaneously monitor multiple network segments and locations, providing industrial operators with central visibility and control.

  • Available configurations

    SilentDefense is available both as a software or appliance-based solution and can be provided in various configurations. Form factors for an appliance-based solution vary from standard server units to ruggedized hardware depending on the monitored environment.

  • Protocol and vendor support

    • 15+ open OT protocols: IEC 104, DNP3, IEC 61850 (MMS, SV, GOOSE), ICCP TASE.2, IEEE C37.118 (Synchrophasor), Modbus/TCP, EtherNet/IP, OPC-DA, OPC-AE, BACnet, PROFINET (RTC, RTA, DCP and PTCP).
    • Proprietary OT protocols and extensions of ABB, Emerson, Rockwell, Siemens and Yokogawa.
    • 20+ IT protocols, such as SMB/CIFS and DCOM. Support for additional protocols is added on a continuous basis or on customer request.