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SecurityMatters Receives Frost & Sullivan’s Global Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions Customer Value Leadership Award

Frost & Sullivan recognizes SecurityMatters with the 2018 Global Customer Value Leadership Award for protecting industrial companies’ IT/OT networks.

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Solution Brief: ICS Patrol

SilentDefense ICS Patrol for going selectively active for comprehensive OT visibility

Solution Brief: Enterprise Command Center

SilentDefense Enterprise Command Center (ECC) for complete visibility and control for multi-network IT-OT deployment scenarios

Overcoming Cyberthreats to Critical Infrastructure with Integrated IT/OT Cybersecurity

Many organizations reliant on critical infrastructure networks are striving to reduce risk with cybersecurity strategies that bridge both IT and OT asset domains. However, achieving comprehensive IT/OT cybersecurity is often a more challenging task in practice than it is conceptually.

If you need to effectively execute an integrated IT/OT cybersecurity strategy, watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Streamline network visibility management for both IT and OT networks
  • Mitigate business risks across the entire enterprise
  • Manage cyberthreats more efficiently
  • Simplify standards and regulatory compliance


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Building Automation System (BAS) Malware Research Webinar

Hear our Sr. Director of OT Innovation, Dr. Elisa Costante, discuss the Forescout OT Research Team's exercise in vulnerability and malware research for devices commonly used in building automation system (BAS) networks. The goal of their research was to create a proof-of-concept malware targeting BAS networks to raise awareness about a problem that will likely become increasingly serious over the next few years as the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand.

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Want to learn more about SilentDefense for Building Automation System (BAS)? Download our solution brief.

For more information on our building automation system (BAS) research project, read this blog post.

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Case Study: European Defense Company

The customer deployed SilentDefense to improve BAS and ICS threat detection capabilities for critical production plants of defense components.

Cybersecurity in Building Automation Systems

The benefits of Building Automation Systems (BAS) are immeasurable, however, they're not without risk. Attackers can exploit vulnerabilities and launch attacks on a building. Read this whitepaper to understand the threat landscape for BAS and the detection capabilities of SilentDefense.

NIS Directive: Ensure Your ICS Compliance

Ensuring your ICS infrastructure is compliant with the EU's NIS Directive is critical for essential services. Download our eBook to discover how you can simplify your compliance with Forescout Technologies' approach.

3 Metrics That Matter: Achieving Rapid ROI with ICS Cybersecurity

The convergence of IT and OT systems over the last decade has created the need for complete visibility into ICS networks. Enabling industrial operators to detect, analyze and rapidly respond to evolving cybersecurity threats is now a requirement for all critical infrastructure ICS environments. To achieve these goals, many organizations are investing heavily in ICS cybersecurity solutions. However, the challenge that many asset owners are facing today is finding a way to prove immediate ROI of these new ICS cybersecurity investments.

This webinar introduces some important features to look for when selecting an ICS cybersecurity solution that will not only improve your cybersecurity posture, but also offer operational business value and rapid return on your investment. We also discuss how our acquisition by ForeScout provides the industry’s first, and only, end-to-end agentless device visibility and control platform across the extended enterprise and enables deeper visibility into OT networks.


Case Study: SilentDefense Secures Rabobank

Read how Rabobank is deploying SilentDefense for Building Automation System (BAS) security.