Streamline NERC CIP compliance with passive network monitoring

Learn how SilentDefense can make the life of North American utilities required to comply with NERC CIP regulation easier, saving them considerable effort and money.

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SecurityMatters Resources

SANS Webinar - Threat Management Made Easy: How to Protect Your ICS Network with Less Effort

During this SANS Webinar Dean Parsons and Dennis Murphy, Director of US Operations, will discuss lessons learned from our 5+ years experience in managing large network security monitoring projects and how we have turned this experience into self-learning capabilities, smart automation and advanced threat libraries continuously updated by analyzing intelligence sources and real-world threats discovered through customer collaboration. Because of this, our solution effectively reduces analysts workload and streamlines traditionally expensive operations.


Solution Brief: SecurityMatters and Forescout

Read about ForeScout’s CounterACT® Integration with SecurityMatters’ SilentDefense.

Asset Inventory and Security Monitoring (IEEE)

An in-depth analysis of how passive network security monitoring helps asset owners maintain an accurate, up-to-date asset inventory list, while also protecting the grid’s edge from cyber threats.

Streamline NERC CIP Compliance With Passive Network Monitoring

Passive monitoring can save North American utilities required to comply with NERC CIP significant effort and money.

Case Study: Electric Power and Gas

Electric-power and Gas Company Deploys the Largest Network Anomaly Detection Project Worldwide.

Case Study: SilentDefense secures TEPCO power grid

Read how Japans largest Utilities Company successfully deployed SilentDefense for Detecting Anomalies in its..

How to Effectively Implement ISA 99/IEC 62443

Learn how SilentDefense will assist you in effectively implementing the ISA 99/IEC 62443 standard within your ICS network.

How to Align with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Learn how SilentDefense facilitates the adoption of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework by simplifying compliance with all five Functions.

The Benefits of Network Monitoring for Industrial Automation

The drive to increase productivity and reduce costs in manufacturing environments has led to an exponential increase in the adoption of automation on plant floors, also known as Industry 4.0. If your organization has integrated its computation, networking and physical processes, this whitepaper will explain how deploying network monitoring technology will bring tremendous value to both your IT and OT teams.