Making Smart Buildings Cyber Resilient: Introducing SilentDefense for BAS

What is a smart building and why are they subject to cyberattacks? Did you know that the number of identified vulnerabilities in Building Automation Systems (BAS) increased by over 500% in the past 2 years[1]?

Watch Forescout’s video explaining how SilentDefense for BAS keeps buildings smart, secure and reliable.


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Video transcript

Cities are becoming smarter. The foundation of these smart cities is smart buildings that use a digital infrastructure to regulate the physical systems that support our daily activities, including the HVAC, security cameras, elevators and security systems.

At the heart of these Smart Buildings is the Building Automation System – or BAS for short– where all of these systems are integrated and controlled.

This smart, integrated connectivity makes buildings more comfortable, energy-efficient, and secure, but it has also increased their exposure, with the number of identified vulnerabilities in BAS increasing over 500% in the past 2 years [1].

Malicious actors can now hack into this digital infrastructure and cause disruption and downtime, even forcing a data center to go offline, shutting off security cameras or denying access to critical areas. That’s why SilentDefense was developed. It’s the only solution of its kind designed specifically for building automation systems.

SilentDefense passively monitors network traffic and provides detailed and actionable information for asset inventory and cyber threat prevention.

Thanks to its advanced machine learning, patented anomaly detection technology and extensive threat library, building managers are empowered with complete visibility, detection and control of their BAS.

SilentDefense instantly identifies all BAS-connected assets in a building and provides the vendor, model, firmware and other information.

SilentDefense raises an immediate alert if a new node appears on the network or a communication pattern becomes abnormal or dangerous.

SilentDefense helps to guarantee protection against both known and zero-day cyberattacks.

SilentDefense can also identify misconfigurations and operational issues, to further reduce the risk of downtime. SilentDefense helps keep your building smart, secure, and reliable.

Embrace the future and remain in control with SilentDefense.