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SecurityMatters is now part of 
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SecurityMatters Receives Frost & Sullivan’s Global Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions Customer Value Leadership Award

Frost & Sullivan recognizes SecurityMatters with the 2018 Global Customer Value Leadership Award for protecting industrial companies’ IT/OT networks.

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Cybersecurity in Building Automation Systems

The benefits of Building Automation Systems (BAS) are immeasurable, however, they're not without risk. Attackers can exploit vulnerabilities and launch attacks on a building. Read this whitepaper to understand the threat landscape for BAS and the detection capabilities of SilentDefense.

Smarter Safer Grid: Optimize ICS Visibility Utilities

Download this white paper to understand how better asset performance management and optimized ICS visibility management can reduce costs, increase reliability, and improve security in the utilities industry.

From Complexity to Opportunity: Optimized ICS Visibility for Oil and Gas

Download this white paper to understand how optimized ICS visibility management can reduce threats, cut your costs and unplanned downtime, and ensure a more secure future for the oil and gas industry.

From Overload to Overlord: Reduce Risks and Take Control of Your ICS Network

Download this white paper to understand how to reduce risks and take control of your ICS network with integrated IT-OT visibility management and advanced threat detection.

Asset Inventory and Security Monitoring (IEEE)

An in-depth analysis of how passive network security monitoring helps asset owners maintain an accurate, up-to-date asset inventory list, while also protecting the grid’s edge from cyber threats.

The Benefits of Network Monitoring for Industrial Automation

The drive to increase productivity and reduce costs in manufacturing environments has led to an exponential increase in the adoption of automation on plant floors, also known as Industry 4.0. If your organization has integrated its computation, networking and physical processes, this whitepaper will explain how deploying network monitoring technology will bring tremendous value to both your IT and OT teams.

The Need for Monitoring

Learn about the importance of continuous monitoring in ICS networks, to protect them from the growing number and range of cyberthreats they face.

Cyberespionage Campaign Hits Energy Companies

An overview of tools and techniques used by the Dragonfly hackers and how SilentDefense can detect and mitigate this threat to ICS networks.

How to Design and Maintain a Secure ICS Network

Understand the IEC 62443 standards, their limitations, and how SilentDefense helps support industrial network operators when complying with these standards.