• continuous operations

    Our automated solutions enable industrial operators to run their digital industrial environment with the lowest possible downtime. Operators can benefit at all times from in-depth visibility into the operational and security status of their network, including comprehensive information about asset behavior. They instantly obtain detailed reports about existing or emerging problems and threats, to enable quick analysis and mitigation. 

    The results include:

    • The ability to anticipate operational incidents
    • Instant detection and response to cyber security threats
    • A reliable and trustworthy network
  • operational strategy

    Our solutions provide site and operational managers with crucial information for effective strategy and planning. They guide them in determining what parts of the network and assets are at risk and require immediate attention, for instance, due to malfunction or exposure to cyber security threats. This allows for a quick response and focused resource allocation.

    The results include:

    • The ability to perform preventive maintenance
    • Reduced risk of operational incidents
    • Reduced exposure to cyber attacks
  • business resilience

    Relying on a cyber resilient industrial environment gives management and executives one less thing to worry about in their business resilience plans. By equipping their industrial environments with our solutions, they can count on environments that are less exposed to cyber security threats and can quickly recover from problems and disruptions. Our solutions provide daily operational benefits, guaranteeing near-term ROI.

    The results include:

    • Higher productivity and quality of service
    • Less downtime
    • Minimized corporate liability